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CFT Excellence Awards for 2001

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April Grace was most recently seen in the ABC series The Beast, starring Frank Langella. April received rave reviews for her performance as the journalist interviewing Tom Cruise in Paul Thomas Anderson¹s Magnolia. She has also appeared in A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Finding Forrester, Playing By Heart, Chicago Cab, Bean, Twilight, Angie and Safe.

April Grace has numerous television credits including a starring role in the ABC series
NYPD Blue and a recurring role in CBS' Chicago Hope, The X-FILES, Family Law, Murder One, Star Trek and the controversial F/X Network series The Shield.

April’s many theater performances have earned her two Dramalogue Awards as well as an NAACP Awards nomination.

April Grace was born in Lakeland, Florida. At the age of 16 she moved to Saudi Arabia and later attended the London Central High School in England. She then moved back to the United States and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California. Upon graduation she moved to New York City, where she became a founding member of the Art and Work Ensemble.

April currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys gardening in her free time. April lends her support and energy to Habitat for Humanity.

“I made the decision to actually take this as my baptism . . . I called my mom and we both talked to God and decided that yes, this man is ordained and if your heart is there, then that’s what it will be.”
(April Grace of the baptism in Waterproof)

Writer/Director Barry Berman says that the film’s title, Waterproof, not only represents Tyree’s home town, but as the film progressed it also symbolized that up until the last few scenes of the film, Tyree herself has been waterproof.

“Come with me, Baby.”

“It’s ok. I’m right here with you.”

Tyree Battle

April Grace as Tyree Battle in Waterproof
Actress April Grace
CFT Excellence Award for Best Actress

of the 2001 CFT Excellence Award

April Grace

Best Actress in a Motion Picture

April Grace plays opposite Burt Reynolds in Waterproof. One of the most talented African-American actresses in the world, let alone Hollywood is April Grace, winner of the 2001 CFT Excellence Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture. Winner of Christian Film award for Best Actress for her performance in Waterproof.

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